Extracts from an Interview in “Espresso” - February 1999

“Betty Zucker encourages you to cope with radical challenge with a dose of pioneering enthusiasm.”

“As a change manager, she doesn’t just want to think about, or before, or after or over things. She wants to thinks across things, across boundaries.”

“Her special area: the complete development of change processes, restructuring, redefinition of corporations or management. What she does most: dialogue. She’s always looking for dialogue, exchanges both with specialist and non-specialists.”

“Change involves not just thinking across categories or thinking differently about risk. Maintaining the status quo can in the long run be much more problematic.”

“Communication is the key: Betty Zucker warns against failing to listen and to see. She’s always arguing for a language of human values.”

“However, she always emphasises the need for a healthy balance between change and stability.”

Swiss radio and tv:

On 20 february 2000 SF1, the Swiss TV station, broadcast a portrait of Betty Zucker.

On 28 october 2000 and 29 april 2001, DRS2, the Swiss radio station, broadcast each time a 60 minute portrait of and interview with Betty Zucker.

TIFF-Datei Here you can find a picture of Betty Zucker (s/w, 240 dpi, 215kb)

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