Change Management

Counsel and Advice of Top Management, Project Leaders on Change Projects, especially:

  • on strategic orientations
  • on “micropolitical” processes (conflict landscape) so as to reduce and even avoid possible sources of conflict
  • on communication issues
  • on target-oriented alteration of the mind-sets of those involved
  • on balancing the needs of stability and change so that the process doesn’t collapse
  • on taking over a new position (for example typical errors during the first 100 days)
  • on setting up workshops and events for example for reviewing anf previewing strategic projects, preparing take-overs, taking over a new position, kick-off for change initiatives, optimising collaboration etc

Our role

We act as...

  • Neutral sparring partner
  • Future oriented directions
  • Coach
  • We facilitate mental simulations of different processes. Risks are recognised, assessed and where relevant minimised or rendered secure.
  • Conception and facilitation of Private Sessions, Workshops and Events.

And for Society

  • In addition we commit ourselves to projects with a social, future-oriented and innovative character.


  • „Bridge to reality“
    10 mixed school teams (girls and boys, native born & migrant, from all school types, aged 15-17) undertook in their school holidays genuine projects in corporations such as IBM, Zurich Financial Services, Coca-Cola, 20 Minutes. They were paid on performance of their projects. The purpose was to provide a bridge between school and business in the context of new educational reforms. In the context of this “rather unusual vacation job” the students tested out their first steps in business with the rules of business such as project management, team work, persistence and performance bonus. Business benefited from their creativity and the feedback from the younger generation. The project was launched in 2000 and successfully concluded.

    Our Role:
    Initiator and Project Leader.

  • „Summer in the Mountains“
    Development of 6 future scenarios for Alpine summer in an EU country in the face of coming change (traffic policy, social developments, consumer trends, migration and demographic developments, generation issues, technological developments etc). The project was successfully concluded in 2001.

    Our role: Concept Design, Facilitation

  • Risk Dialogue Foundation
    AnGiven that socially relevant risks linked to certain developments and techniques (e.g. genetic modification, electrosmog) can lead to very different reactions, the Risk Dialogue Foundation provides a neutral platform between different interest groups. Varying “reflection formats” (e.g. physical dangers versus dangers of legal liability) are identified, possible blockages relieved and new solutions worked out. The themes are derived from the network. Those that are up to date: Genetic modifications, “Electrosmog”, how the media report risk, the approach (for example in communication or insurability) to new sources of risk such as phantom risk.

    Our role:
    Director of the Management Board

    the risk dialogue network: